What is the Best Time of Year to Paint

Many homeowners want to know what the best time of year is to paint. There is a best time to paint but it depends on what you are doing – this can be broken down between exterior painting and interior painting.
For exteriors the best time to paint is when the weather is warm without bad weather in the near future since problems can occur if you paint during or shortly before bad weather.

During warm weather rain is the main problem. Sagging or deep depressions can be the result if it rains just a couple of hours after painting.

Another effect of rain is the lifting of the colorant from the paint or an uneven sheen. This looks like streaks of color on the surface or flat and shiny areas across a surface.

Applying paint in cold weather can have a similar effect and will drastically reduce the life of all paints. Typical effects of cold weather painting are sags, bubbling and cracks in the paint film as it freezes.

Most paint manufactures recommend 50 F degrees and rising but low temperature acrylic paints can be used down to 35 F degrees.

For interiors there are no such restrictions, provided the home is kept at a moderate temperature, any type of paint can be applied. However, in cooler temperatures, excessive condensation on windows and slow dry times can be a problem.

The best times to paint for all types of house painting are from the spring to late fall. A general rule is that if it is comfortable for you, then it is good for the paint.

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