Industrial Services

Safety comes first for our industrial clients, and in The JF Company they have a partner who understands how to work with specialized equipment in oftentimes confined and/or difficult-to-access areas.

Whenever we go to work for an industrial clients, we ensure our employees work safely so that their employees can work safely.



  • Confined Space, High Lift, Swingstage & Bosun Chair Certified
  • Tank Linings, Exteriors, & Other Vessel Applications
  • Certified Ceramic Coating Applicators
  • Visual Workplace, Pedestrian Walkways, & Safety Designations
  • Trained in Ammonia & Lead Safety (for work in such environments)
  • Cleaning in Confined Spaces and other Difficult-to-Access Areas
  • Custom Coating Systems for Specific Environmental Needs
  • Corrosion Prevention & Maintenance
  • In-shop Facilities
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facilities Rooftop Structural, Cooling Units, and Other Heavily Environmentally

  • Exposed Components
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environments
  • Process Piping & Fire Suppression Coatings
  • Labeling and Sight Designations